UNversity 2013

Comet Crash: Unfinished

I started working on a top down shooter that is a cross between space invaders and asteroids, I didn’t get to finish the game sadly but I am still working on it and should hopefully have it finished for Christmas once i have added in some more features to the game. The game just now has a small campaign with the player moving from level to level as well as an endless mode that keeps track of score and time survived, I also found a website that hosts scores online and set that up as well.

Ludum Dare 27

This year I also took part in my first Ludum Dare as well as my first game jam, the experience was great spending three days or close to that making a game showed me even with a short deadline making games can be fun. The theme for the jam was 10 seconds so my and my team mate who done all the art decided to go with a top down space shooter that would spawn waves of enemy’s with a ten second warning, but the main feature of the game was the power up. The power up would randomly generate at the start of the game and give you a random buff or de-buff during the game that lasted ten seconds, once the player had picked up the power up it would set a timer to spawn another one in ten seconds. I feel the over all experience was great and loved getting lots of feedback for the next time I do a jam, there are a couple of bugs still left in the game that need fixed and will be fixed soon.

Ludum Dare Link: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-27/?action=preview&uid=25344

Cops and robbers update

After having the game up on the play store I got some feed back from users and friends I decided to do an update for the game. I redesigned all of the levels, changed the controls from touching the sides to swiping in the direction, made the enemy’s return to their start position when the player eats a doughnut and got one of the cops to continuously follow the player around the levels. I have plans to add in an online scoreboard and will keep updating the game for the future and as of now the game has over 1000 downloads across Google Play and Amazon Apps.

Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Brainless-Games-Cops-and-Robbers/dp/B00EFZ8BWA/ref=sr_1_sc_2?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1384299429&sr=1-2-spell&keywords=cops+and+robers

Cops and robbers

Day 1

So for day one I came up with the title for the game, wrote a little game documentation and wrote down what graphics/art work I need for the game then I spent time looking at pixel people/characters to get an idea of how to go about and draw them. Once I had an idea on how to go about drawing the graphics I spent the rest of the day drawing them on Photoshop.

Day 2

Frist task I did for today was importing and naming all of the graphics into the sprite section of Game Maker, next I made all of the objects that would be included in the game. So the first object I started with was the player object I start with making the player move, one that was complete I went on to do the collision with the other objects in the game. After the player I started working on the enemies in the game which in this case would be policemen at first I wanted to get one or two of them to actually follow the player by using a step to even but the look of their movement was not what I was after so instead I decided to spread them in the levels in such away they would hopefully take up a quarter of the map and I also made them move slightly faster than the player. I then went on adding in the control and room start objects that would keep track and display variables such as lives, score, stopping and starting sounds and hiding or showing the mouse cursor.

Day 3

So today I decided to start work on the level’s for the game it got off to a slow start but once I got some idea’s the levels started to flow, some of the earlier levels are similar in the respect that they go from paths being in a horizontal layout to a vertical layout or vice versa. For the later rounds I decided to add in more dead ends and fewer paths so that there would be more of a chance that the policemen would take the same path as the player. Once I made the levels I added in a start and control menu which have text you click on to navigate through, the two final rooms I added where a game over room where you can try the game again or exit the game and a win room which have the same options.

Day 4

So today I started off by making a list of the sounds I wanted/needed for the game so I browsed the internet for free to use sounds, I came across a website called freesound.org which has lots of free to use sounds that carry different creative commons licenses and managed to find all the sounds I was looking for that done the game and creative commons licences that I liked. Once I had all the sounds downloaded I put some into some editing software to cut some parts out or just shorting the length, once that was done I imported them to Game Maker and added them into the correct objects. Straight after the sounds where done I exported the game and created a short online survey to get feedback of any and all problems in the game and I sent the links to my friends.

Day 5

My task today was to go online and check the surveys that where filled in for the game, once I read all the survey’s I wrote down all the problems and ideas that where wrote down and spent the day fixing them. To make sure they were fixed I tested the game myself and got my friends to retest it and kept doing this until all the problems where fixed and I managed to get all of the problems fixed, so I made a backup and another copy for the android version.

Day 6

So today I went on to the Google play store and set up a developer account and quickly filled in some information on that. I then deleted some functions and objects from the pc version of the game not getting used in the android version, I then went on to making the player move which I was originally going to make the user to tilt the device to move the player object. I tested the tilt function and the movement was not as smooth as I would have liked but I learned that just touching the device was the same as a left click so I took the code from the arrow key press and put it in an invisible box at the four sides of the device that the player will press to move the character.

Day 7

My plan for today was to try out the shooting function using another invisible box but this time place it in the middle of the screen, after I done this and tried it this was also not to my liking so I sat for a while and came up with an idea. So instead of shooting the policemen I added in a doughnut that when the player object collides with it the policemen stop on the spot for a short time giving the idea that they have stopped to eat a doughnut, I tried it out a few times and I am happy with the outcome and decided to keep it. Once the android version was fully working I tried it on my mobile phone and tablet to make sure it was working and it was all good.

Day 8

So today was my last day for the project I had tried out the game on three devices and was happy with so I compiled the android apk version and uploaded it to the play store which could a couple tries but I eventually got it, even though the game is a basic maze game I am happy with the work I put in and the result from it. The game was my first attempt at doing an android game and I feel the skills and experience I gained will help in the long run and I am planning on doing another game using what I have learned to do and not to do for it will make it better.

The game

Documentation: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21494532/CopsandRobbers/Cops%20and%20Robbers%20Document.docx

PC Version: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21494532/CopsandRobbers/CopsAndRobbers.exe

Android Version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Brainless_Games.Cops_and_Robbers&feature=search_result

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